Universal Brine Shrimp Refill Kit: Brainy Briny Algae and Brine Shrimp Refill

We think that this kit is probably the coolest thing since the moon landing.  We have made and remade, tested, retested and reformulated everything... fifteen times (not kidding).  You can use this with our culture flasks or any other water holding container you can find. 

The kit is designed to use a 500mL bottle of drinking water.   You can grow the algae in the bottle, or use a separate container.  

 Each one of these kits includes:

  • Salts
  • Algae culture
  • Algae nutrients
  • Brine shrimp

Start the algae culture first and let it establish itself in the culture vessel. After a few days the culture will look more green, then add in the brine shrimp cysts. In a couple days they will hatch. The algae and Brainy Briny's can live for years without feeding if the light and temperature conditions are good.

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