Brainy Briny: Demo Kit and Basics, 2 demonstration flasks (algae and zooplankton) and 5-basic sets

Algae Research Supply


Teaching and demonstration kit for instructor and students. The instructor can grow algae in a 600mL flask and brine shrimp in a separate 600mL flask. It includes all the "basics" to grow algae and brine shrimp for a total of 2.5L of media. The students can use existing lab supplies to culture or they can use a water bottles.

Culture Vessels 2x Culture Flasks, 600mL
Salt, Nutrients, Brine Shrimp Cysts for 500mL  5x
Algae Culture  500mL
Secchi Sticks  x5
Pipettes  x5
Instruction booklet  x1


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