Thriving Aquarium Feed

Thriving Aquarium Feed

What kind of food do you want to serve your filterfeeders?
  • Thriving Food
  • Processed concentrate
  • 'Live' on life support


The orange juice analogy...

Concentrate is OK, but not great.

Live is better, but already decomposing

Thriving, and completely alive.  Still going through photosynthesis and respiration.

 Concentrated and dark bottled algae are dying algae.


We ship in clear bags and encourage you to take care of the algae as you take care of your tank.


We ship algae in LOG phase.  When the algae is at its most healthful.

A human food analogy:  

I grew up in the Midwest and we usually made frozen orange juice, which was good.  On special occasions, we juiced oranges that were shipped from Florida or California, that was much better.  But the real shocker came to me when my Mother-in-Law gave me a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice from trees from her Southern California backyard.  Still warm from the sunlight I had never tasted anything so invigorating- so alive, the intensity of the flavor was orders of magnitude more magnificent than the frozen concentrate.  I felt more alive when I drank it!   That is how your filter feeders feel when they take in food that is THRIVING!

-Matthew Huber, M.S. Biological Oceanographer

Concentrated (aka Processed)

Concentrated algae, is made by one several processes:  chemical addition (coagulants or flocculants), centrifugation (3,000x gravity squeezing the cells against a metal surface and packing them together), or simply gathering the deutritus (dead cells that accumulate on the bottom of the culture vessles).

Live (aka on life support)

'Live' algae is on life support.  Algae need light to live, but they also use oxygen to respire.  When you put the algae in the refrigerator, there is no light (except when you open the door).  If your algae is in the dark, it slowly dying and decomposing.  



Thriving algae are in the Exponential Growth phases of their life cycle.  Algae Research Supply is the ONLY algae producer to ship algae in LOG PHASE directly from a chemostat.  This means that when the algae get to you, they are at the peak of their healthfullness.  We ship the algae in clear bags, so that the algae can continue to THRIVE when they get to you!   

  • Keep them in the light (out of direct sunlight, it gets too warm).
  • Shake the cultures often, resuspending them
  • Feed your aquarium often,
    • after each time inflate the bag with air,
    • shake to facilitate gas exchange for the algae culture inside

We at Algae Research Supply have been working in algae cultures since 2000.  We have worked on some of the worlds largest and most advanced culture facilites.  We bring that knowhow to you to make your filter feeders happy!  



Nannochloropsis Isochrysis Porphyridium
Nannochloropsis Isochrysis Porphyridium