LEGO First Spirulina Project Kit (Unofficial)

By popular demand... we have developed this kit for groups doing the LEGO robotics space projects  (our Chief Scientist is a LEGO Coach as well!!)
Kit contains:
  • Spirulina Culture, 1000mL
  • Harvesting screen
  • Salts for spirulina, 10-gallons of media
  • Nutrients for spirulina, 10-gallons of media
  • Secchi sticks x1
  • Algae culture manual, x1


The things in this kit will get your students all the materials they need to grow the microalgae spirulina.  The kit does not contain 'cheat sheets' on how to win at the competition.   However, we love answering nerdy algae questions.  (


When thinking about this kit consider tests in the following areas:

Physical:  Temperature, salinity, light...

Chemical:  Nitrate, phosphate, CO2...

Biological:  Biomass Density, growth rates, species diversity...


Good luck!!!

* And because we said LEGO, we should note, that this is not a "promoted product" through LEGO.  We are just responding to the market.  We have no formal relationship with LEGO (except season passes to LEGO Land).   




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