Algae Research Supply: Algae Culture Kit for Pyrocystis fusiformis

Algae Research Supply


Algae Culture Kit for Microalgae: This is a flask of Pyrocystis fusiformis, a bioluminescent dinoflagellate algae that is found worldwide; and some extra algal culture media to keep the culture going for a few months. We have perfected the method and supplies for anyone to grow this ecologically or industrially important strain of algae. This kit contains everything you need to grow a laboratory-grade culture at home or at your desk! It includes the following:

(1) Instructions: information about the strain of algae, illustrated growing protocol, culture care lessons, lifecycle background of batch-culture cycles.

(2) Culture flask with culture: tissue culture flask (50 ml volume) with a breathable cap and ~40 mL of P. fusiformis culture sealed in parafilm.

(3) Encriched Seawater media: this media is simply UV-sterilized filtered seawater with f/2 added at a concentration of 2 ml/L; our f/2 is a modification of the media formula from Guillard and Ryther 1962, and Guillard 1975. It uses NaNO3 (sodium nitrate) and NaPO4 (sodium phosphate) as the nitrogen and phosphorus sources. 

Pyrocystis are some of the coolest algae; if you gently shake the vial a few hours into their dark cycle they will light up like a glow stick! Feed them every so often, don't let them get too hot(above ~90F), swirl them once or twice per day and give them ~12 hours of light strong enough to read a book under; and they can last indefinitely. Great for science fair projects! You can use this algae as an inoculum to start a much larger culture in a different container; buy seawater media to do that HERE