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Brainy Briny is here!!! This kit is really 3-kits in one:

  • (1) Algae culture kit for Nannochloropsis
  • (2) brine shrimp culture kit (Artemia)
  • (3) and enclosed ecosystem


Unlike other brine shrimp culture kits, this kit feeds the zooplankton what they eat in the wild-ALGAE! Simply place the culture flask in a bright place and the light will supply energy to the system. These kits are being used in classrooms all across the US to teach PHOTOSYNTHESIS and RESPIRATION. We include an analytical device called a SECCHI STICK. This Secchi stick measures optical density, which is a way to track biomass. We have a video of it's operation on YouTube (search for Algae Research and Supply Dirty Labcoat series of educational videos) The videos are both serious, and silly.