Garden Summit Soil Algae Culture Kit

Algae Research Supply


Kelp me!  I want to grow plants!  If you have ever added kelp to your soil or algae extract as a bio-stimulant you are going to want to watch this video.   This group of nerds has been growing algae for over 20 years and has made the tools you need to grow your own algae and feed it to your crops.  They want you to grow your own algae soil amendments and foliar stimulants.  LIVE algae have auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins AND they will continue to make them.
This kit includes:
1.   Algae Light (submersible LED, power supply, air hose, stand)
2.  Algae Culturing Kit x3,   (culture-1L, nutrients-50mL, freshwater salts). **We will send you coupon codes for two of the kits so they can be delivered later.***

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