Teacher Kit - Semester Long

Algae Research Supply


Demonstrate Energy and Matter Transfer in an Ecosystem with an Algae and Zooplankton Kit!!! 

Our mission is to save the planet by teaching the next generation about aquatic science.  We have assembled this kit to minimize cost for you and maximize value to your  students to hit as many standards as possible. 

Grade Levels:  K-12 (seriously, this is the launching point for a bunch of standards)

Topics / Demonstrations / Experiments:

  • Photosynthesis vs Irradiance plotting (high school)  
  • Growth rate as a function of light (middle school)
  • Energy transfer from primary producer to grazer (4-12)
  • Nitrate removal due to photosynthesis
  • Behavior, phototaxia (brine shrimp respond to light) (middle school- high school)
  • Secchi stick vs Spectrophotometer plots (high school)

 This kit will 

If you purchased all these things separately the cost would be $232.


Kit Includes:

To Grow Algae:

  • Culture flasks, 2 x 600 ml 
  • Culture of Nannochloropsis, 500 ml

To Make Media:

  • Algae Culture Nutrients, 10 sets for 500 ml bottled water each, a total of 5 liters 
  • Salts, 10 sets for 500 ml bottled water each, a total of 5 liters

To Grow Brine Shrimp:

  •  Brine Shrimp Cysts, 10 sets for 500 ml bottled water each

Analytical Instruments:

  • 5 Secchi Sticks 
  • 3 x Algae Culture Manuals

 Infographic of the algae to brine shrimp process

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