Teachers Kit: Brine Shrimp and Algae Growing Demonstration Kit

This kit is the favorite of my son's teacher, it's a great way to bring Brainy Briny to the classroom.  It has both a flask for growing algae and a flask for growing brine shrimp.  Somewhat of an 'n' of one experiment with and without the brine shrimp. 

This kit is designed to demonstrate algae culture and zooplankton grazing.

It contains:

  • 2x Tissue culture flasks (500mL)
  • 1x Secchi stick
  • Algae culture (50mL)
  • Magnifying lens
  • Pipette (3mL)
  • Algae nutrients (5x 1.7ml)
  • Algae culture salts (5x bags for 500mL)
  • Artemia salina cyst bags (x5)
  • Instruction manual

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