Algae Research Supply: Pyrocystis fusiformis

Algae Research Supply


A bio-luminescent dinoflagellate that is one of the coolest microalgae ever cultured.  These organisms release photons of light similar to a lightning bug when shaken.  

Pyrocystis fusiformis is a non-motile, tropical, epipelagic, marine dinoflagellate (flagellate microorganisms), reaching lengths of up to 1 mm. They are especially interesting to many because of their bioluminescent nature which is displayed when P. fusiformis is disturbed or agitated. In the coastal marine waters, this dinoflagellate causes glowing effects after dark.

This culture grows really really really slowly, and it likes to get infections with bacteria.  We can coach you through culturing it, but be ready for some failures.  

Shipping is tricky also,  heat is not this strains friend.  We will ship via 2-day service (thus the increased cost... sorry, but you gotta see this... and it has to be alive!)