Phytoplankton Cultures for Students, Teachers, Aquariums, Researchers, and Spirulina Growers

Science Projects for the Classroom

Easy to use classroom and Home-School projects to investigate photosynthesis, pH, spectrophotometry, energy transfer between trophic levels. We can even design low-cost kits for custom projects!

Classroom Algae Projects

Bring on the Pigments!

If your polyps need some pep, and your cnidarians have needs- FEED them what they would eat in nature- ALGAE! We have vivid RED, GOLDEN, and GREEN algae that will make your marine friend's tenticals tickle!

Aquarium Feeds

Ready made experiment kits

Do you already have a question to ask algae? We can send you a kit FAST to get you started. Grab hold of your scientific method and dive in to your project.

Experiment Kits

I think I need one of those....

We love to culture phytoplankton, but more importantly, we want you to do it too! We stock the best and most reliable equipment to culture algae. Some equipment did not exist, so we build them ourselves.

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Interview with Dr Aquilino’s and the Bodega Marine Lab’s efforts to save white abalone. By Cannon Purdy

October 31, 2017

The potential uses for algae are numerous, from biofuels to medicine to a sustainable food source for humans. But algae innovations are also critical for... Read More

How do we measure CO2 in water and the atmosphere? By Julia Charpek

September 25, 2017

Earth breathes carbon dioxide in and out over many different time scales; there are daily inhales, seasonal exhales, as well as deep breaths over much larger time scales. Therefore, to get accurate measurements of carbon dioxide concentrations on Earth, there has to be long term periodic sampling and data collection in both the ocean and the atmosphere. Read More