Phytoplankton Cultures for Students, Teachers, Aquariums, Researchers, and Spirulina Growers

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Have end-of-year funds you want to spend now and use in the fall? Ask us for an "Algae-Voucher" for delayed delivery!

Brainy Briny

Science Projects for the Classroom

Easy to use classroom and Home-School projects to investigate photosynthesis, pH, spectrophotometry, energy transfer between trophic levels. We can even design low-cost kits for custom projects!

Classroom Algae Projects

Bring on the Pigments!

If your polyps need some pep, and your cnidarians have needs- FEED them what they would eat in nature- ALGAE! We have vivid RED, GOLDEN, and GREEN algae that will make your marine friend's tenticals tickle!

Aquarium Feeds

Educational Materials

Look through our education section to get ideas on projects and some general aquatic science knowledge.

Encyclopedia Aquaticia

I think I need one of those....

We love to culture phytoplankton, but more importantly, we want you to do it too! We stock the best and most reliable equipment to culture algae. Some equipment did not exist, so we build them ourselves.

Culture Supplies


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