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The Brainy Briny Beaker Bag sets are designed to be a super sneaky way to make studying photosynthesis and respiration fun and engaging!!!

  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Algae culture
  • Zooplankton culture
  • Energy exchange across trophic levels
  • Population dynamics

BBBB:  Brainy Briny Beaker Bag 

  1. Written instructions, grade level neutral
  2. Beaker Bag, 500mL
  3. Algae Culture, Nannochloropsis, 15mL
  4. Nutrients for algae culture, 1.7mL
  5. Salts and Cysts in separate bags 
  6. Secchi Stick
  7. Pipette, PE, 3mL graduated
  8. Love

BBBB+2: Brainy Briny Beaker Bag with Separated Salts and Cysts Plus two sets of Ready-To-Go Algae Beads

  1. Everything from the BBBB above
  2. Two sets of Ready-To-Go Algae Beads

Microplastics Add on Kit:

The full microplastics kit is located here.   This kit assumes you already have brine shrimp to use for the project. 

  • Includes fluorescent microplastics (acrylic)
  • Tissue Culture Flasks, 50mL x2 (treatment and control)
  • LED Keychain Lights, x3
  • Petri Dishes, x3 (for three stations of treatment and control)
  • Pipette, 3mL

Setup-and-How-to video on microplastics is HERE.  

Refill Kit:

  • 15mL algae culture
  • Salts for beaker bag
  • Cysts for brine shrimp


Lessons, always free!

PLOT: Nannochloropsis: Dry Weight and Cell count as a Function of Secchi Stick Depth.

Dry weight and Cell Count as a Function of Secchi Stick Depth in Nannochloropsis


Full Educational Modules for teaching Algae Beads!!!!!  

  1. Introduction to Photosynthesis and Respiration
  2. Introduction to Algae and Microalgae
  3. Algae beads as a model organism
  4. What is light and how do plants use it?
  5. Gas Solubility in Water. Thinking about atomic theory
  6. Introduction to pH and CO2 in water- yes they are related!
  7. pH indicators and photosynthesis



For Elementary School:

Elementary lessons and worksheets:  Brine Shrimp Science Journal.


  • Video: