(10-gallon tanks are great!!!)

If you are growing algae for production (ie Spirulina) go with the larger containers. We recommend 10-gallon glass aquariums. Easy to buy locally from your pet shop (shipping is not recommended). We manufacture lids and LED lights (should be released soon). This is a work horse of many a lab and classroom. After your algae project is over, we recommend goldfish.

If you are growing to 10-100 gallons, aquariums can be useful, but limited by the amount of light that can pass through the culture. For larger cultures, make sure you are mixing well to move the culture around to give each cell an exposure to the light. We love solar tubes (link, can we get a contract to resell, or 5% to recommend).

Ponds, 100-gallons and larger. Covered or open-ponds. They are where most of the world's algae is grown. Any ideas on how to cultivate at sea? It is our goal to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. Call us if you have a good idea! We want to believe!!!

Here are ways to measure algae biomass