These are the movers and shakers of the aquatic science field. These incredible people are fighting to make the world a better place, cleaning our oceans one step at a time.


Nic Petrovic Owner of Apogee Spirulina
Haley Roach Science teacher at Park Heritage Middle School
Dale Solomon Founder of Oasia Farms
Harris Muhlstein School Program Coordinator for MarineQuest
Dr. Jennifer Willet

Director of INCUBATOR Art Lab

Jaimi Butler Coordinator of the Great Salt Lake Institute in Utah
Russel Marx
University of Washington PhD student Russell Marx has also been experimenting with using algae for photography.
laura carney
Dr. Laura Carney
A few years ago I (Matthew Huber) worked with a post-doc named Laura Carney while she was at Scripps.  She is an amazing woman who has pushed the envelope in phycology.
Shana Beemer-Miller
 Shana Miller An international fish conservationist for The Ocean Foundation shares about careers in environmental conservation, and what she believe is top priority in educating the next generation.
Chris Scianni in scuba Chris Scianni An environmental scientist supervisor working to understanding how invasive species travel around the world through maritime ships. 
Melissa Mahoney with a crab Melissa Mahoney A fisheries policy manager who is passionate about creating healthy ocean and fishing communities. Melissa hopes to help with better management of fish resources in a step towards creating a cleaner future.
Brian Maurer Brian Maurer Water Systems Manager at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. His job is to maintain the life support at the World's Most Awesome Aquarium!


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