Spirulina Farming

Spirulina Farming

Spirulina is fun and easy to grow!   Our team has been spent time farming spirulina in Texas, California, Hawaii, and New Mexico.  Our products represent years of experience and trouble shooting.   

How to videos on spirulina production (the Dirty Labcoat videos on You Tube)


How to get started farming?

Find a place to grow the culture

Bright, but not in direct sunlight.


You will need to find your own tank and air pump.

    The Farming Kit will come with all these things:

    1. Spirulina Culture, 500mL
    2. Two bags of alkali salts that each make 20L (5-gallon bucket)
    3. Two vials of liquid nutrients each for 20L of culture
    4. Algae culture manual
    5. Harvesting Seive
    6. Secchi stick
    7. Air hose, 6 feet
    8. Stainless steel bubble-tube
    9. press fit union for air hose to stainless tube connection.

    Follow the instructions in the Algae Culture Manual



    Monitor growth using Secchi Stick


     Harvest algae in one to three weeks using your screen!