Spirulina Farming

Spirulina is fun and easy to grow!   Our team has been spent time farming spirulina in Texas, California, Hawaii, and New Mexico.  Our products represent years of experience and trouble shooting.   

How to videos on spirulina production (the Dirty Labcoat videos on You Tube)






Spirulina Culture 

4-Liters (~1-gallon)

20-Liters (~5-gallon)

80-Liters (~20-gallon)

4-Liters (~1-gallon)

20-Liters (~5-gallon)

80-Liters (~20-gallon)

1-gallon examples

5-gallon examples

20-gallon examples

Salt and Nutrients Kits

Spirulina nutrient and salt media kit for Arithrospira platensis


How to get started farming?


You will want to choose a spot that is bright, but not in direct sunlight (at least when the total volume is less than 30L). 

Consider using artificial lighting. 

Complete details about choosing a light source for your spirulina culture


Spirulina grows best in warm water.  Best temperature for is in the 90F or 32C range.  Be careful not to exceed 100F or 38C as the algae will die almost instantly.  

Detailed information about spiruina culture and temperature can be found here. 

Spirulina culture as a function of temperature

The algae culture container and air pump

You can grow your spirulina culture in many different types of containers.  We like the 10-gallon fish tank.  But many options can be considered.

We go into more detail on containers, including open ponds here.


    The Algae Research Supply Farming Kit

    1. Spirulina Culture, 500mL
    2. Two bags of alkali salts that each make 20L (5-gallon bucket)
    3. Two vials of liquid nutrients each for 20L of culture
    4. Algae culture manual
    5. Harvesting Seive
    6. Secchi stick
    7. Air hose, 6 feet
    8. Stainless steel bubble-tube
    9. press fit union for air hose to stainless tube connection.

    Follow the instructions in the Algae Culture Manual



    Monitor pH

    We like these little digital pH meters.  They are inexpensive, easy to calibrate, and surprisingly robust.  We imported these from Asia and check them all before we ship them out.  

    Link to pH meter.

    Monitor growth using Secchi Stick


     Harvest algae in one to three weeks using your screen!




    How much algae culture to start farming:  The 1/5 rule

    When culturing algae, including culturing spirulina, there is a general con census that the total amount of new media to be added should not exceed 5x the original volume of the culture.  Thus if you start with 100mL you can add 400ml for a total of 500mL of total culture.  

    If you wish to start a 10-gallon tank with 50mL of culture, Place your tank at an angle with something wedged under one side so that the liquid collects in a corner.  Ths way air bubbles can mix the small amount of culture as you begin.  Better yet, start with a larger amount of culture.