Aquarium Corals


Some of the most common coral genera found in aquariums are:


Coral Pocillopora


From the Pacific and Indian Oceans, is a stony coral commonly referred to as cauliflower coral or brush coral. It is an easier species to grow given its ability to reproduce asexually.

Image Source: National Park of American Samoa



Coral Acropora


Major reef corals responsible for the large calcium carbonate structures supporting a reef, commonly referred to as table coral, elkhorn coral, and staghorn coral.

Image Source: Andy Collins, NOAA



coral Turbinaria


Colonial stony corals, commonly referred to disc corals, scroll coral, cup coral, vase coral, pagoda coral and ruffled ridge coral.

Image Source: Stan Shebs, Birch Aquarium




Coral Montipora


Small polyp stony coral, which species dependent, can grow as plates or ridges.

Image Source:

US Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters J. Maragos