Great Algae Education


Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 

The founder of Algae Research Supply, Matthew Huber,  studied Biological Oceanography at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.   MLML-Moss Landing Marine Laboratories is a great place to study marine science.  It is the California State University Flag Ship for marine science.  Huber studied under Nicholas Welschmeyer (link to Nick's Lab). Welschmeyer is currently focusing on invasive species transported in international ships ballast water tanks.    One of Mr. Huber's favorite classes was Phycology, currently taught by Mike Graham.  Matthew's graduate work was studying the relationship between carbon dioxide and photosynthesis in marine microalgae.  



Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Scripps is one of the premiere research programs on the planet for oceanography.  It is operated by the University of California at San Diego (aka UCSD).  Some of the Founder's colleagues include the Laboratories of Dr. Greg Mitchell.  

Greg Mitchell is a key contributor to the Algae Biomass Organization.  His research has been in finding new and creative ways to cultivate algae, as well as working with NASA to use remote sensing to understand marine processes.    Attached is a clip of Greg speaking about the ABO.