How to farm spirulina

Spirulina is a lot of fun to grow.  It is even more fun when you get to see the product of your work- algae biomass!   To start with, make sure you have read up on the introduction to culturing microalgae from out website.   Unlike relationships or raising children, in microalgae, you strive for BORING in aquaculture.  Predictable steady-state processes (things that would make engineers drool) are what you are looking to achieve.  But there are cycles to keep in mind, mainly:  daily temperature and light, harvest periods, seasons.   We will explore all of the variables and how to manipulate them below:  


  1. Lighting for Algae Cultures

  2. Temperature control for algae

  3. Algae culture growing vessels

  4. Harvesting

  5. Nutrients

  6. Media

  7. Alkali Salts


 (((Work in Progress-  Feel free to email Matt and tell him to get busy!)))

              1. Heating
                1. What temperature to grow Spirulina
                2. Heating methods
              2. Growing vessel
                1. Growing spirulina in a laboratory
                  1. Erlenmeyer flasks
                  2. Culture tubes
                2. Growing spirulina inside of a home
                  1. Fish tanks
                  2. Other vessels
                3. Growing spirulina outside
                  1. Fish tanks
                  2. Raceway ponds
              3. Water choice
                1. Water is used to make media-  Freshwater can not be used to grow spirulina.
                2. Goals for water
                  1. Substrate for spirulina
                  2. Major component of media
                  3. Chlorine free
                3. Types of water recommended for farming spirulina
                  1. Bottled water
                  2. Carbon filtered water
                  3. Tap water
                  4. Well water
              4. Harvesting
                1. When to harvest spirulina
                2. Harvesting spirulina with a mesh net
                3. Harvesting spirulina by skimming the culture
              5. Nutrients
                1. Nutrient basics for growing spirulina, NPK trace element and vitamins
                2. Can use Miracle grow to spirulina?
              6. Alkali Salts
                1. What salts are needed to grow spirulina?
                  1. Spirulina grows in alkali water.  Alkali water is water with a higher pH and is buffered, meaning it is resistant to pH change.
                2. Salts used to create alkali media
                  1. Sodium carbonate
                  2. Sodium carbonate

              1. Media
                1. Media is the finished growing environment- water and nutrients
                2. Recipies for growing spirulina
                  1. Agawa
                  2. Spirulina Media
                  3. Algae Research and Supply Media