The species of algae in the Isochrysis genus belong to the group of Haptophytes, the golden-brown algae. Like most Haptophytes, they contain the pigment fucoxanthin, giving them their golden hue. Isochrysis includes I. maritima, I. litoralis, and Tisochrysis lutea (previously known as I. galbana). The high lipid and DHA content of T. lutea make it popular as an aquaculture feed for animals such as bivalves, crustaceans, and zooplankton. In addition, Isochrysis has also been explored as a possible biodiesel fuel source because of the special lipids it has, the alkenones.


Isochrysis (photo: Algae Research Supply)



 Isochrysis pasta: another way to achieve green spaghetti
(photo: Fradique et al, 2013)

Alkenones could be the new jet fuel
(photo: Eric Taylor, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)



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