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Introducing Scenedesmus, the versatile microalgae that excels in both educational and aquaculture settings. With its nutrient-rich profile and adaptability, Scenedesmus is the perfect choice for nurturing aquatic life and exploring the science behind aquaculture. Whether you're a student or a researcher, this green microalgae offers a fascinating journey into the world of sustainable aquatic ecosystems. Embrace the potential of Scenedesmus to enhance your educational experience and aquaculture endeavors.

Scenedesmus sp.

Should I order a the CULTURE or the CULTURING KIT?  

The culture is just that- algae culture in a bottle.  

The culturing kit is (1) algae culture, (2) algae culturing salts, (3) algae culturing nutrients.

The KIT will get you to a total volume that is much greater than the initial volume of the culture.