AKxx-Algae Bloom Kit

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This is a kit that explores if YOUR local water could have an algae bloom.  

Hi Teachers, Students, and Parents, This lesson plan and experiment kit is an empirical method to test if your local body of water will have an algae bloom. It contains a detailed four-page lesson plan with experiment instructions. Also included are liquid nutrients (sodium nitrate, sodium phosphate, and a complete algae nutrient mixture) you need to supply household bleach. The experiment involves collecting water from a pond or lake near you, then dividing it into 5 different treatments. You will use plastic drinking water bottles as your culture flasks. The treatments for this kit are a positive-control (algae culture), negative-control (chlorine bleach), test for nitrogen limitation (sodium nitrate), and test for phosphate limitation (sodium phosphate). The test can be repeated many times to get replication. We include a secchi stick, so that you can quantify the algae growth, using Beer-Lambers law. (You can see a video of the secchi-stick on Algae Research Supply's You Tube channel). Soon you can see a video of this product also.