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Product Name: Customizable Black PVC Tank Lid (Two-Part Set)


Transform your aquatic environment with our Customizable Black PVC Tank Lid, specially designed to elevate your tank experience. Crafted from durable expanded PVC, this two-part lid offers unparalleled versatility and functionality, empowering you to tailor your aquatic habitat to perfection.


  1. Expandable PVC Construction: Crafted from premium expanded PVC, these lids ensure durability and longevity, providing a sturdy cover for your tank.

  2. Two-Part Design: Designed in two separate pieces, offering ease of customization and access to your tank's interior without entirely removing the lid.

  3. Customization Friendly: This lid is your canvas! Utilize woodworking tools to personalize and create unique cutouts or modifications as desired, ensuring a perfect fit for your tank setup.

  4. Watertight Connections: Seamlessly integrate with PVC weldable materials, ensuring a snug and watertight connection for enhanced safety and security.

  5. Ideal for Culturing Microalgae: Perfect for cultivating microalgae, creating a thriving ecosystem within your tank. Combine with our under tank light to foster optimal growth and health of your microalgae culture.

Usage Suggestions:

  • Microalgae Cultivation: Cultivate vibrant microalgae ecosystems within your tank, fostering a balanced and healthy aquatic environment.

  • Integration with Under Tank Light: Combine with our under tank light system to optimize photosynthesis and promote the growth of microalgae cultures.

Compatibility: Suitable for standard 10-gallon tanks, providing versatility for both freshwater and marine environments.

Elevate your tank's potential with our Customizable Black PVC Tank Lid. Empower yourself to create a unique, thriving aquatic environment tailored to your preferences and needs.