Bench LED-20

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This is a 10 W lighting platform, perfect for use with algal cultures. It is low-profile enough(8 mm) to fit in the space underneath a 10 gallon fish tank, and is also perfect for our Brainy-Briney-Beaker-Bags, 2-liter erlenmeyers (x4), 1-liter erlenmeyers (x5). Not for submerged use, but is resistant to splashes/spills. This is a great light for growing Spirulina and other microalgae, and provides the proper wavelengths for photosynthesis, in addition, some heat is given off by the lights which helps to warm the culture. 

12 volts, 10 watts, comes with a 1 amp power supply, and optionally can come with a dial to vary the intensity of the light.