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We will collect and ship Macrocystis (giant kelp) from Southern California. It will be shipped via USPS priority mail (2-day service). Refrigerate the product when you receive it and it should be good for study for 1-4 weeks.

Upon receipt, be ready for it to be a gooie mess, that may smell as well.  This is a live organism which may have run low on oxygen during transit.  Open it up and give it some air.  
To minimize slime and, you can wash it with a dilute (10% of household) bleach solution to minimize the mess. Test this to make sure you do not bleach the whole thing out.   For a dried look, hanging the kelp to dry for an afternoon will also mitigate the alginate (slime) as it is almost entirely water.  You should dry it in a sunny place with a breeze if possible.  Alternatively, dry it in front of a fan in your 'colleagues' office as it may not smell great.