Are you curious about algae blooms? Here is a project you can do to test your local waters.

Algae is all over the news these days, from the Olympic's swimming pools to the blooms happening in Florida and New Zealand.

Why?  Nitrogen and Phosphorus.  These chemicals are added to our waters through our wastewater stream and from runnoff from agriculture.  

We put together a simple plan that you can do at home to test if your local algae is limited by phosphorus or nitrogen, or is already eutrophic (has a lot of nutrients and can result in an algae bloom).  Basically, you grow the algae!  

We are trying out having you download the lesson directly from Google Documents.  If you have suggestions, simply email us and we can make edits or add your pictures or comments.    Here is the link:  


Experiment and Lesson Plan #3:  Algae Bloom Investigation

Matthew Huber
Matthew Huber