Can I delay delivery until the fall semester?

Can I delay delivery until the fall semester?

May 30, 2019

Hi Teachers,

We have had a few teachers and staff call us up and ask if they can buy things now (end of spring 2019 semester) and have them for the fall.  The answer is yes!

After we get the PO from your team, we will send you all of the non-perishable goods (flasks, salts, Secchi-Sticks,ect) on our next shipping day.  We will include a voucher/coupon for delivery of the algae and cysts when you need it.   Instructions for the voucher are written on it, but feel free to ring us up if you have any special requests.  


How much time should we plan on for delivery in the fall? 

I would shoot for 7-days.  As of today, we ship on Wednesdays and Fridays.  So if you get the order in before Noon on those days, it will ship same day.   


How long can the algae sit in the shipping bottle?

The algae culture is good in a cool place for a couple weeks.  However, it will wake grumpy and will need  time to 'wake up'- which could take another week.  We recommend simply opening the bottles 1/16 of a turn.  This will allow the gasses (CO2 and O2) to enter and leave the bottle making for happy algae.