Our Test Tube Kits!

Our Test Tube Kits!

May 05, 2020

Bored at home? Make your time at home more colorful with our test tube kits!

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Our test tube kits are the perfect way to spend a day at home. Our starter test tube kit includes a rack of test tubes, beakers, pipettes, colors for mixing, and seeds for germinating. This kit is all research quality material, specifically put together for you and your children to enjoy the wonder of scientific discovery from the comfort of your own home. 

In these test tubes, you and your young scientists can mix pigments to discover the wonders of color making. This is a perfect hands-on approach to learning about primary and secondary colors, or just to have fun in color mixing. Furthermore, adding salt to various colors can allow one test tube to hold multiple layers of color! This- in addition to looking super cool- can introduce your young scientist to the concept of density. The reaction of the pigments together to create vibrant colors is an easy way to introduce your child to the world of chemical reactions and laboratory work- start them young on the chemistry path!

Another way to use these tubes is to cultivate your own plants! Our kits come with seeds to germinate plants from the comfort of your own home. Your children can plant seeds, and watch them grow into small plants over time! This will teach your children the wonders of plant growth (and patience) as they watch their seeds bloom. This experiment also starts your children on the STEM path early, soon you’ll have young botanists on your hands!

Instructions are provided, materials are reusable, and these kits provide tons of educational fun. We here at Algae Research Supply want to provide affordable, high quality tools for children to learn about the sciences. Start today with our test tube kit.

Still not convinced? Look at these videos of our Chief Scientist’s children playing with these kits.