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Want a simple way to demonstrate photosynthesis and respiration?
Use ALGAE!!!!

Algae Beads from Algae Research and Supply is a simple and easy way to perform experiments in the classroom. Our algae beads are made from Chlorella vulgaris (green freshwater algae common across the world and commonly consumed as a nutritional supplement). We concentrate the culture and add sodium alginate in the presence of calcium ions- and POOF- algae beads are born.

These simple and robust beads can be used repeatedly in experiments in the classroom. Store in the refrigerator or leave on your benchtop in light bright enough to read. You do not need to do anything to them for them to stay healthy for weeks.

Experiments: Dark and Light: Show if photosynthesis or respiration is taking place. Light color: Place colored screens to demonstrate that the color of light is important to photosynthesis (hint: green is not that useful to algae!) Light intensity: Place containers from close to far away from a light source (hint: the containers closest to the light source will change color the fastest). You can use our color-indicator that shows if photosynthesis is taking place (change in pH).

Full Educational Modules for teaching Algae Beads!!!!!  

  1. Introduction to Photosynthesis and Respiration
  2. Introduction to Algae and Microalgae
  3. Algae beads as a model organism
  4. What is light and how do plants use it?
  5. Gas Solubility in Water. Thinking about atomic theory
  6. Introduction to pH and CO2 in water- yes they are related!
  7. pH indicators and photosynthesis


Lesson Primers:

-Photosynthesis as a temperature dependent process using Algae Beads.





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