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Ordering the Algae  
The science inquiry in this unit requires using a healthy algae culture.  A ready to use culture of Chlorella vulgaris may be ordered from Algae Research Supply. This particular stock has proven to be very dependable for use in the classroom.  

  • When ordering the algae, consider how much you will need for each team of 4 children. Each team will need 2 bottles with 88mL (3oz) of the algae in each for the investigations. (A total of 177mL or 6oz. for each team)
  • Bottles for the culture can be purchased from Algae Research Supply, or alternatively, you can use new, clean 8oz. empty water bottles. 

    Link to ALL for Science from Baylor College of Medicine Center for Educational Outreach.

    Essential Kit:

    • Chlorella: 1L or  2L
    • Bottles:  6oz (177mL):   x6
    • Secchi Stick:  x6


    • Chlorella Algae culture, 1L
    • Plastic bottles, 177mL
    • Secchi Stick