Algae Research Supply: Algae Beads

Want a simple way to demonstrate photosynthesis and respiration?   

 Use ALGAE!!!!

Demonstrate photosynthesis and respiration in a single kit. Using Algae Research and Supply's Algae Beads is a easy to use reliable way to visualize these most important parts of metabolism. 

Algae bead are a great way to show that both photosynthesis and respiration take place in photosynthetic organisms.



  • Algae Culture:  Chlorella vulgaris
  • Count:  >200 beads
  • Suspended in freshwater media
  • Part number: ABCv-00200


Research Kit:

  • 2000 algae beads
  • 50 ml of 10x CO2 indicator,
  • 30 disposable plastic transfer pipets