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Contents of kit for VIMS:

  1. Algae Beads x2 Ready-to-go sets
  2. Algae culture, 15mL Nannochloropsis
  3. ARS algae nutrients for 500mL culture (x2)
  4. Salts and Cysts- combined for 500ml culture (x2)
  5.  Beaker Bag
  6. Secchi Stick
  7. Pipette
  8. Simple instructions


This kit is designed to teach:

  • Algae culture
  • Zooplankton culture
  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Energy exchange across trophic levels
  • Population dynamics

Lessons, always free!

PLOT: Nannochloropsis: Secchi Disk Depth and Dry Weight as a Function of Cell Count.

Project we did with Foss Waterways Seaport!  Brine Shrimp Science Journal.


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