Grow Algae on Mars

Haley Roach writes:

My plan was to have the students attempt to plan an experiment on their own, then as a group they would edit this document and that is their actual lab report.
At the end of this overall project - the student groups are preparing a large presentation to share with all the 6th grade - all the experiences they had and what happened in their experiments.
Haley's original Algae on Mars Student Workbook.
Haley's original doc for lab reporting.

Standards for Indiana addressed by Haley Roach's Project:

SEPS.1-8    (Science and engineering processing standards) 
6-8.LST.1-7  (really they are reading and writing so much scientifically, communicating ideas) 
6.LS.1      Investigate and describe how homeostasis is maintained as living things seek out their basic needs of food, water, shelter, space, and air.
  6.LS.2    Describe the role of photosynthesis in the flow of energy in food chains, energy pyramids, and food webs. Create diagrams to show how the energy in animals' food used for bodily processes was once energy from the sun.
6.LS.4    Investigate and use data to explain how changes in biotic and abiotic components in a given habitat can be beneficial or detrimental to native plants and animals