Minerva Action Group LLC

What is the Minerva Action Group?

The central focus of the Minerva Action Group (MAG) is to assist students in middle school, high
school, and those starting in higher education to become personally and directly knowledgeable about
climate change issues through hands-on experiments and field exercises that yield understanding of
and insights into specific technical areas.
The following MAG exercises can be easily conducted in schools as part of science classes,
environmental exercises, science clubs, or even individually in remote learning settings.



1. Determining Carbon Storage in Local Trees, Minerva Action Group, Gil Rodgers and
William Moomaw, Technical Adviser- Robert Leverett, October 2021.
2. Comparison of Carbon Sequestration in Saltwater Marshes Versus Trees, Minerva Action
Group, Draft, January 2022.
3. Plastic Micro-particles in Bottled Drinking Water, Minerva Action Group, June 2021.
4. Outline for Student Portable Drinking Water Exercise, Minerva Action Group, Draft, April 16
, 2021.


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