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Beaker Bags are durable plastic bags designed for us in the classroom, field, or laboratory. The Beaker Bag has two sets of scientific markings:

  • (1) graduations on the bag to 500mL
  • (2) a 1-mm grid for measuring organisms inside.  
  • Washable and reusable
  • 500mL capacity
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Re-closable seal  *
  • Self standing 
  • Graduated to 500mL every 50mL


“Virtually indestructible beaker that I can send home with my students!” 

-Traci, San Diego


  • -Washable and reusable
    -500mL capacity
    -Virtually unbreakable
    -Re-closable seal *
    -Self standing
    -Graduated to 500mL every 50mL
    -Grid for measuring size of objects, 1mm resolution


    *If placed on their sides while filled above 300mL, they may develop a slow leak. We are working the the bag mfg for the next run to improve on this "feature".