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Howdy Spirulina Farmers!

Growing algae is a great platform for experimentation and harvesting biomass is super rewarding (we dare you not to say “Green Gold!” when you are done).  Our research staff has been culturing algae since January of 2000, supported spirulina farmers on six of our seven continents on Earth, and had our cultures sent to space three times (would have been four, except for a small rocket explosion.) We have helped tens of thousands of students, hundreds of schools and universities (including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Texas A&M, UCSD, and more!)

This kit has three parts: BIOLOGICAL (algae culture), CHEMICAL (nutrients), PHYSICAL (salts and water mixing). It includes easy to set up instructions and a booklet on algae culture. Better yet, we have a quick video series to answer questions. Our 5-gallon kit is the basis for the farming kit. Algae Research and Supply’s mission is to educate on aquatic environments. We want to help you grow algae!

The only supplies you will need are a 10-gallon aquarium, a small air pump, and a light source.

Teachers! Have this product delivered to your school and we will include extra supplies to aid in teaching algae culture in your classroom! Please send a message to us letting us know what supplies would be helpful and we will send what we are able for FREE!