Custom Product: Materials for San Diego State University Bio-100: Distance learning algae based photosynthesis, respiration, and trophic energy transfer.

Algae Research Supply


Materials for for SDSU Bio-100 per student:

  1. Algae Beads in pH indicator (x2)
  2. Seawater salts, 500mL (x1)
  3. Seawater algae nutrients, f/2 (x1, to make 500mL)
  4. Zooplankton as cysts, Artemia, ~100 cysts (x3)
  5. Secchi Stick (measures algae biomass density)
  6. Algae culture 15mL, Tetraselmis or Nannochloropsis
  7. Beaker Bag, graduated with 1mm-grid,  for culturing algae and zooplankton measurements.

Type: Brainy Briny