Media Kits

Media = Water +Salts + Nutrients

Algae cultures need fertilizer, or nutrients.  To grow algae consider that they are in contact with their environment through their cell membranes.  They interact with the physical, chemical, and biological makeup of the water.   When we culture algae cells we try and control these factors to target the growth of the cells that we desire (think about how a farmer would want sandy or clay soils for for different crops).  


Media kits have everything but the water!

  1. Choose the volume of media you want to make.
    1. 500mL, 1-gallon, 5-gallons
    2. We selected these volumes because in the US, our bottled water comes in these sizes.
  2. Add the salts and nutrients in the kit to the chlorine free water of your choosing.  Shake to dissolve.
  3. Ready to use!!!


General media types: