Algae Research Supply: Algae Culture, Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina)

Algae Research Supply


Spirulina holds a sweet spot in the heart of our company's founder. It was the first strain he worked with commercially. He almost got it tattooed on his back.


This is a clean culture of Arthrospira platensis.  It is grown in an alkali water (not seawater or freshwater) using spirulina nutrient media.


  • Division: Cyanobacteria
  • Water Type: Alkali Water
  • Media: Use Algae Research Supply's Spirulina Nutrient Media
  • Commonly used for: Human and animal consumption (although we recommend caution in eating any organism you culture youself, we offer no guarentee warantee or prediction of safety if you feed this to a human or animal)
  • So much fun to grow. Easy to harvest (see Algae Research Supply's Spirulina Farming Kit). Great model organism to teach photosynthesis and aquaculture.


Should I order a the CULTURE or the CULTURING KIT?  

The culture is just that- algae culture in a bottle.  

The culturing kit is (1) algae culture, (2) algae culturing salts, (3) algae culturing nutrients.

The KIT will get you to a total volume that is much greater than the initial volume of the culture. 


Type: Spirulina