Algae Research Supply: Algae Research Kit: Culture and Supplies for a Science Project

Algae Research Supply


This is kit designed to give the student the tools to do a science project. It includes

  1. Starter culture, 50ml concentrated algae (Nannochloropsis)
  2. Culture Tubes, self standing, 50mL  x8 
  3. Salts, (sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, and trace metal containing sodium chloride) four packs that make 500mL each
  4. Instructions for cultivation
  5. Pipetter, polypropylene, graduated with 3ml capacity.
  6. Nutrients for 500ml x 4
  7. Secchi stick


This kit is good for two groups where an n=4 is used: one treatment and one control.  Lots of folks use this for science fair projects.   Sometimes they also get some extra culture Nannochloropsis) if they are short on time and want to explore different ways to KILL algae.  This is a good kit to start out with if you are curious about algae experiments. 

Type: Science Play