Pandemic + You = Home-School Teacher  

ARS wants to help with:   (1) video classes (2) Lessons and plans (3) algae supplies.


(1) Video Classes

Past Classes- Videos on YouTube


(2) Lesson and Lesson Plans

(3) Algae Culture supplies:

Algae Beads

Algae Beads

Algae culture with a Secchi Stick

Algae Culture

Algae Culture Kits

Brine Shrimp Brainy Brinys Algae Research Supply

 Brine Shrimp Kits



Brainy Briny Algae and Zooplankton Culture Kit

Algae and Zooplankton Kits

Algae Kits
Algae and Zooplankton Refills





student using a secchi stick