Algae Research Supply: Algae Culture for Isochrysis galbana

Algae Research Supply


Isochrysis galbana is a great feeder algae.  We know when it is happy and healthy because when you smell it, it smells like low tide!   Isochrysis and similar phytoplankton are contributing factors to the flavor of some fish.  If you like sushi, you will love the smell if Isochrysis.  Some of our coral reef friends love this strain as it brings great pigmentation into the corals.  

This motile strain is fun to grow and is great as a feed stock.

Isochrysis galbana is a microalga. It is an outstanding food for various bivalve larvae and is now widely cultured for use in the bivalve aquaculture industry.  This unicellular is investigated for its high amount of Fucoxanthin (18.23 mg/g dried sample).