Algae Research Supply: Algae Culture Kit for Nannochloropsis

Algae Research Supply


500mL Kit:

This kit includes the method and supplies for anyone to grow Nannochloropsis an ecologically and industrially important strain of algae. It contains everything you need to grow a laboratory-grade culture at home or at your desk! It includes the following:

  1. Instructions: information about the strain of algae, illustrated growing protocol, culture care lessons, life-cycle background of batch-culture cycles.
  2. Culture flask: tissue culture flask (50 ml volume) with a breathable cap (included in the smallest kit only)
  3. Culture inoculum: 1ml in a dense culture in a 1.5ml micro-centrifuge tube.
  4. Nutrient Fertilizer: our nutrients are a modification of the media formula called f/2 (Guillard and Ryther 1962, Guillard 1975). It uses NaNO3 (sodium nitrate) and NaPO4 (sodium phosphate) as the nitrogen and phosphorus sources.
  5. Culturing Salts: Add salts to a 500ml bottle of drinking water (water not included in the kit).


Different strains of algae have a preference for their water quality. The salts provide a needed carbon source as well as slow the growth of competitive algae strains (weeds).

Great for science fair projects!


1- and 5-gallon kit includes:


  1. Starter culture (50mL) of concentrated algae (inoculum)
  2. Concentrated nutrient media, 50mL
  3. Salts, (sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, and trace metal containing sodium chloride) for 1- or 5-gallons
  4. Instruction booklet for growing


YOU WILL NEED: chlorine free water, a growing vessel (such as a 10-gallon fish tank), air supply (small air pump, not the band, but if you could get the band to sing to the culture- that would be amazing!).