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About the Algae:

Introducing Scenedesmus, the versatile microalgae that excels in both educational and aquaculture settings. With its nutrient-rich profile and adaptability, Scenedesmus is the perfect choice for nurturing aquatic life and exploring the science behind aquaculture. Whether you're a student or a researcher, this green microalgae offers a fascinating journey into the world of sustainable aquatic ecosystems. Embrace the potential of Scenedesmus to enhance your educational experience and aquaculture endeavors.

We have perfected the method and supplies for anyone to grow an ecologically or industrially important strain of algae. It contains everything you need to grow a laboratory-grade culture at home or at your desk, it is great for science fair projects!

NOT INCLUDED: chlorine-free water, a growing vessel (such as a 10-gallon fish tank), air supply (small air pump, not the band, but if you could get the band to sing to the culture- that would be amazing!).